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MelodicArts works in many areas of the music and media business, from production and design through promotions and sales. Here are a few examples of ways we can serve you:

Live Concert Recording
We do live recordings on location, up to 16 tracks, at 44.1kHz/16-bit (CD) quality. We have a variety of microphones, from large-diaphragm to pencil condensors, to suit any application.

Sound Engineering
We can edit, mix and master your own recording, either stereo or multitrack, to give you a polished final product, or work with audio from a live recording we engineer for you. Turn an "okay" performance into a "wow" performance through the miracle of digital editing!

Album Production
MelodicArts will take your recording and turn it into a full CD (mixing, masters, artwork for your CD—the works). For artists whose music fits within our musical mandate (we specialize primarily in live, improvisatory music in global, fusion and jazz music traditions), we will gladly work out a profit-sharing arrangement with you and release, promote and sell your recording through our recording label and website. You too could become a MelodicArtist!

Graphic Design
Laying out the artwork for a CD can be very complex, involving a need for precision and a good eye for "what works." Let us create the print materials for your next CD, customized to suit your tastes, incorporating your artwork and text. We also create promotional materials (posters, business cards, logo design, etc.) to help you further your career.

Web-site Development
We can create a website for you from our templates or customized to suit your needs and either host it for you on our servers or upload it to the server of your choice. This can be either initial design work only, or we can continue to update your site for you with event listings, promotional materials, etc. to keep your business current. For MelodicArtists, we offer a basic promotional webpage on our site as a way of promoting your recording and we handle online sales for you.

On-line Sales
Through our online sales page, MelodiCARTs, we can handle web sales for you, taking payment by credit card through PayPal's secure servers. Customers can also print off an order form and mail them in with a money order, certified or personal cheque. Our sales page could include sample audio files of your music and would link to your website for further information about you, your music and events. Whether you are an independent artist or a MelodicArtist, online sales are critical to growing your local and worldwide audience.

Inventory Management
Through our computerized inventory system and warehousing, we can manage your inventory on your behalf, shipping orders and ordering additional product as necessary.

Print Publishing
MelodicArts can create songbooks and other print publications, using your text and content, customizing them to your requirements and target audience—whether sheet music, a book of poetry, a calendar or a promotional package—limited only by your imagination.

Music Transcription & Typesetting
Do you create music by ear and yet wish to have it written down for others to read? MelodicArts will do transcriptions for you from your recording, creating anything from lead sheets to full scores, and give you a final, professional print product. We can also take your handwritten music or other rough score, typeset it and save it in all standard professional-level file formats for delivery to other publishing houses.

Whether live-concert or promotional stills, black & white or colour, digital or 35mm film, we can provide you with quality images. We also have on hand our own catalogue of nature images from such diverse areas as the Pacific North-west, Ireland, Maui, Arizona, and Mexico. Birds, plants, animals, and flowers. Wind, water, rock, and fire. Looking for something in particular? Just ask us.

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