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MelodicArts is proud to present a new series of improvisational and live concert recordings, CDs that capture the spontaneity of the world's great improvisatory traditions, from jazz to North Indian classical music, and invite listeners to experience the thrill of being there "in the moment" as music is created before their ears. Join us at the point of origin for these distinctive audio masterpieces.

No.1 - Let Everything That Breathes - Bruce Harding
At long last! A CD devoted entirely to the flute improvisations of Bruce Harding! A healing, soul-filled collection of instrumental meditations for flute and bass flute, some pieces solo and others with accompaniment. People have been asking for a recording like this for many years now, and we are pleased to finally make it happen.


No.2 - Reawakening - Panj
The long-anticipated second recording in our series, Reawakening brings you a live fusion of the North Indian classical and Western jazz traditions. Tabla, dilruba, flutes, saxophones, and guitar — what more could you want!


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